What kind of websites are not accepted?


By Lukas Coinverti

updated 3 months ago

Being a crypto advertising network, Ads by Coinverti is only accepting cryptocurrency-related websites and projects to join its network. Please read all our criteria for eligibility on our Website Acceptance Policy section.

Types of websites that will not be accepted on our network:

  • Websites with pornographic content.
  • Websites created with the intention of sending bots/fake traffic to our network.
  • Websites with no original content.
  • Websites generated on platforms like Wordpress or Blogspot etc..
  • Websites with no original content;
  • Automatic/manual traffic exchanges.
  • Websites above top 200.000 alexa rank.
  • Any website that, after it was reviewed by our team, wasn’t deemed suitable for our Publisher program.
  • Any website that has incentivized traffic.

Ads by Coinverti reserves the right to deny any website from joining our display network, without providing any reason for its actions.

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